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Ascension Island diary - Epilogue

Diary epilogue

This is being written back in the depths of the UK winter in sharp contrast to the steady warmth of Ascension.

As well as the temperature we also have had to adjust to such things as remembering to lock the house when we go out and the car when we park it, having spent the last 3 weeks leaving the Landrover parked with the key in the ignition and the windows open.

On the other hand there is no need to be quite so vigilant with our use of water.

When we left the UK on the 26th Dec. we knew about the Asian Tsunami but it wasn't we saw the news on television the following day on Ascension that we realised what an enormous disaster it was. Within a few days the Ascension community had mobilised itself to initiate fund raising activities in a way that restores one's faith in human nature. Long may this community spirit thrive.

The whole nature of life on Ascension Island is now gradually changing, with issues like conservation, self-government, tourism, additional air flights, coming to the fore.

Hopefully all these changes can be accommodated without upsetting the essential nature of what makes Ascension special, as it is really so unspoilt. In a way it is a bit reminiscence of deepest France, or the smaller Greek islands albeit without the rain and the vegetation.


Some further reading on past and present.

Even more further reading? then try the Ascension Island links page that were created after our last visit in '97 and have been growing ever since.

The following book is brand new, has a good all round write-up on the island and is not too long to read, but best of all it contains some of the best Ascension pictures going.



If, after reading this diary, you wish to experience the island for yourself, we wish you as wonderful a time as we had, good walking, safe climbing, fascinating turtle, crab and donkey watching, many wonderful sunsets, just as many superb photo opportunities and the holiday of a lifetime with some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.  Oh yes, you'll manage to get a decent suntan too!

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