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Audiology Links and resources

Phonak UK
Supplier of coloured hearing aids.
Site about children and hearing sponsored by Oticon, hearing aid manufacturer.
EarWear are the Canadian company mentioned who produced not only coloured aids but also one which are fashioned as jewelry such as a lightning bolt, Banana, Cupid etc.
Deafness/Hard of Hearing
This section on About.com is probably the best  starting point for any web search or research on hearing or deafness.
The Listen Up Web
Useful article called "If Your Child Won't Keep Their Hearing Aids In...".
Lots of hints, tips and advice about convincing newly diagnosed children to keep their aids in. Also small section on colored aids and earmolds.
Starkey laboratories
Providers of favorite team logos for fitting in earmoulds and also a range of images aimed at younger children.
Deaf Linx
Guide to hearing aids with useful links. (NB Most of the links are USA related)

British Organisations:

National Deaf Children's Society
UK charity run by Deaf people for Deaf people
Royal National Institute for Deaf People
RNID is the largest charity representing the 8.7 million deaf and hard of hearing people in the UKi
British Society of Audiology
The largest Audiology society in Europe. It is multi-disciplinary and has members from all areas of Audiology in the UK and throughout the world.
British Deaf Association
The largest UK organisation run by Deaf people, for Deaf people
Deaf United Kingdom Directory
Useful UK contacts list
Hearing Dogs for Deaf People
UK charity dedicated to training, providing and supporting dogs to help deaf people.
See Hear
BBC-TV weekly magazine programme for deaf and hard of hearing people, produced in sign language with open subtitles
Defeating Deafness
UK's only national medical research charity for hearing impaired people