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Software Serendipity

Atlas Shutdown in September 1971

I wrote my first program in 1971 in an algol like language called Atlas Autocode.


Later that year  the Manchester Atlas computer was decommissioned and replaced by something called MU5 ( a prototype computer which was the single most important influence on design of the ICL 2900 range which was eventually launched in the mid-70's).


In 1975 I moved sideways from railway signalling into DP (as IT was know then) and joined the TOPS project as a junior system programmer (click here to read more on this), writing a system in Assembler and PL/1 to produce statistics on the performance of the online system.


In the 80's I worked for TECS (Thorn EMI computer software) supporting and developing mainframe software products containing 250-400K lines of software code.

So the assembler hints and tips section here came out of some knowledge sharing sessions there.


The Javascript section is a few things simple things I have written where I could not find what I wanted on the web six or seven years back,  although maybe similar search now may be more productive.


Les Smith

December 2009