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Links on Assembler are getting much rarer on the web but here are a few useful ones.


IBM Mainframe Assembler Programming
Extensive set of general articles on Programming in Assembler ranging from documentation on individual instructions such as LH through to Organizing a Simple Assembler Program  and Program Linkage
NIH Computer Center - Using Assembler Language
Basically inhouse documentation for NIH(National Institutes of Health), but also contains lots of useful information and general assembler programming tips.
Assembler for the mainframe
Some useful pages from sysprog.net on high level assembler (HLASM)
The Assembler Connection
Overview and examples of IBM assembler
IBM's own OS/390, z/OS Home Page
Speaks for itself
Mark's MVS utilities
REXX, ISPF and batch utilities, etc. to download
Rock Painters Links
Mainframe, Midrange, & Micro Computers, plus technical "how to do" articles
The original famous MVS goodies tape from the 20th century now has it's own site with MVS mainframe freeware and a good mainframe related links page.
Sabre takes off
An interesting CNN article about the history of the Sabre airline reservation system which, believe or not,  had it's origin in a chance meeting in 1954
The official TPF Users Group Web Site
Good, all round TPF site with info about related sites, suppliers and vernors
The Alternative TPF Homepage
All about latest  TPF industry news. Good site for contract staff.